Instagram 101: How to Keep People from Tagging You in Posts

How to Keep People from Tagging You in Posts

Tired of all those people tagging you in weird stuff on Instagram that you aren't even in or look like a complete mess in? Well, there's a way to prevent people from ever tagging you in another one of those silly posts again.

It's simple too. It will only take about two minutes of your time, but will probably save you from years of embarrassment or whatever way tagged photos make you feel like.

To stop people from tagging you without your approval, head on over to your profile page and tap on the icon right under your bio that looks like a little person sitting inside a frame. This is also called the Photos of You tab.

Once there, you'll see all the photos that you are tagged in. Now, tap on the top-right ellipsis next to Photos of You, then go to your "Tagging Options." From there, you'll see a list of options. You can either allow tagged photos to be added automatically to your profile page or to be manually added.

If you want to prevent tagged photos from automatically being added to your page, then tap on "Add Manually."

If you are tagged in a new photo, "Add Manually" will give you the option to add it or hide it from your profile page. It will also alert you when you are tagged in a new photo, allowing you to remove yourself from the post as quickly as possible. To learn how to remove yourself from a tagged photo, check out the link below.

Now, the next time that someone catches that sweaty photo of you at the gym, well, they better think twice about it before thinking they can just tag you and get away with it. With Instagram's "Add Manually" option, you now have some control over how you appear on Instagram.

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