Instagram 101: How to Natively Regram Other Posts on Your Feed Without Leaving the App

How to Natively Regram Other Posts on Your Feed Without Leaving the App

You can retweet on Twitter, and you can reblog on Tumblr, but you cannot regram on Instagram. Until now, that is. For years, third-party apps have made it their business to help Instagram users share content from other users. With some new developments, Instagram looks to render those apps obsolete by adding a native regram button to the official Instagram application.

Before you dive into your Instagram app looking for a regram button, know that it's only available to a handful of users right now, as The Next Web first discovered.

Most likely, you won't see it, since you'll need the Instagram beta app for either Android or iOS. You can try out the open beta for Android right now, but if you have an iPhone, it's currently a closed, invite-only beta. Even if you have the beta app installed, you might not get the button since it appears to be a very limited trial at the moment.

If You're on a Winning Beta ...

If you are running the beta, and the regram button does appear for you, congratulations! Simply tap the circular arrows button next to the send icon to share someone else's post on your feed.

We don't know yet what other options appear for users who regram posts in-app. It may post immediately or you may be able to add your own comments like how quoting a tweet on Twitter works. We just can't be sure yet, since support for the button is so limited.

If You Don't See the Regram Icon ...

While we wait for the regram button to become mainstream, there are still those third-party apps to help you regram, such as Repost for iOS or Repost by Regrann for Android. These apps are no replacement for a native regram button but should get the job done until Instagram officially updates to include regram support.

We will update this guide to reflect any new development when it happens.

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