Instagram 101: Get Thousands of IG Followers Per Day with This One Simple Trick

Get Thousands of IG Followers Per Day with This One Simple Trick

If I told you to follow as many users as you could possibly follow, in order to get more Instagram followers, that may seem counterintuitive, right? If I told you I'm trying to brainwash/annoy you with how many times I could possibly say versions of the word "follow" in an opening sentence, that would seem weird, too.

Both are not true.

If you want more followers, a really easy way to increase your count is to just follow other people. Why? Because if you want more people on Instagram to notice you, then you've got to let them know that you are around. By following other users, you alert them that you exist. If you want to let other people know that you exist, then keep on reading.

(1) Before following 50-100 users in one hour. (2) After testing the method out and following about 100 users, my own follower count went up by 21 users and also a number of likes.

Before you start tapping away like your finger is a fire that could never be extinguished, let me just mention that Instagram does have a limit in place as to how many people you can follow a day. That limit is about 7,500.

This is Instagram's way of preventing fake follower bots from spamming accounts. 7,500 is a pretty massive number though, and it would be pretty impressive if you managed to follow that many people a day. Although, probably not very realistic.

Instead, I recommend following about 50 users an hour. Try not to follow too many accounts per hour as Instagram seems not to like that too much either.

If while doing this the "follow" button stops working, don't worry, this is just Instagram's way of alerting you that you have followed too many people within a short amount of time. Wait an hour, then resume following about 50 users an hour until you've reached the follower count you are aiming for.

There are a few ways to do this. One way is to pick a user's IG account that you admire, go to their profile, tap on who they follow, and then start following away. Or you could even choose an account that is most closely related to the kinds of things that you post on IG and follow who they follow.

You could also just pick a bunch of random accounts, too. It's really up to you and what kinds of followers you want following your page.

After following about 25 more users' accounts, I received 11 new followers and six new likes. (FYI: when creating a .gif on QuickTime from an iPhone, the time will always stay at 9:41 AM and your battery will always read 100%.)

After following a good number of people and watching your own follower count go up and up and up, don't forget that you have to consistently post as well. If you ever want a chance of generating a real authentic following, then don't forget to give your followers content that will be worth their while.

Of course, the downside to following so many people is that your profile page will probably look bloated. Your "following" number count might be way higher than the number of people who actually follow you.

This doesn't always give off the best look, but remember, you want people to know you exist. Get them to know you exist. You can always tinker off the number of people you follow later on.

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Screenshots and .gifs by Bettina Mangiaracina/Gadget Hacks

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