Insta Slang Explained: What's the Meaning of Thirst Trap?

What's the Meaning of Thirst Trap?

Maybe "thirst trap" should remain dead, but in the meantime, let's go over exactly what this term means when it comes to Instagram. I've heard a few different variations, but according to Urban Dictionary, thirst trap is when a person actively posts provocative images of themselves to illicit a response.

Another version of thirst trap that I've heard is the act of constantly posting images on Instagram within a short amount of time to try and get more followers or likes. Either way, being thirsty on IG means just about one thing — you're looking for more people to notice you.

How do you know if you're being thirsty? Well, do you repeatedly post intimate images of yourself? Do you find yourself thirsty for nice comments on your images to sanctify your beauty?

Maybe you do find yourself thirsty for gratification, or maybe you just post alluring pictures of yourself and don't care about what anyone has to say. Amber Rose does it. She rocks it too. Check out some of her IG posts below:

According to Cassandra Blackwell in an interview with Vice, thirst traps are not something you should hide, but rather, something to embrace:

I have an incessant need for external validation and strangers on the internet always come through for me. Some people might call that thirst. I don't think there's anything wrong with embracing that. It's why I love the term thirst trap and it's why I post the pictures I do.

In my opinion, it's always good to be honest about being thirsty, I mean ... it's pretty obvious. Being honest about it also prepares you for the second half of what thirst trap entails. "Trap" comes into play when you deny being thirsty after getting an unwelcome comment on an image.

For instance:

Girl: posts a photo of herself in a bikini
Guy #1: "that ass needs some dick"
Girl: "ugh, creep, thirsty pig!!!!"
Guy #1: "Hoe, you know that's what you wanted to hear."
Girl: "Learn how to respect a woman!"
Guy #1: "What the fuck?"
Guy #2: "Thirst traps man, thirst traps."

Sometimes posting a thirsty image on Instagram may lead to a number of comments that you may not appreciate. Therefore, the act of "trapping" is when you fight back after receiving the unwelcome response on your image, thirst trapping that person in your own thirsty denial.

Know any other definitions of thirst trap? Am I totally wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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