Instagram 101: Get Notifications When Your Favorite Influencers Post

Get Notifications When Your Favorite Influencers Post

If you are obsessed with anyone on Instagram to the point where you never want to miss another post again, then Instagram has got you covered. Built within the app, there's a neat little trick to turn on notifications everytime someone you like posts.

So, who do you follow? That is the question. Once you figure out the one, two, or 100 people you like to stay tuned in with, then pick one and go to their profile.

At the top right-hand corner of their profile, find the ellipsis and tap on it. At the bottom, you'll find "Turn on Post Notifications." Tap on that to turn notifications on. You can also turn off notifications the same way.

Once done, repeat this step with any other influencers, celebrities, dogs, cats, your high school friends, or anyone you want to be notified about. Your next challenge is to race to be the first comment. :)

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Cover image, screenshots, and .gifs by Bettina Mangiaracina/Gadget Hacks

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