Instagram 101: How to Upload Live Photos as Instagram Videos & Stories

How to Upload Live Photos as Instagram Videos & Stories

I wanted to post a Live Photo to Instagram of me in front of that donut that got eaten next to the CVS on Houston St. in New York, between Mott and Mulberry. The only problem is that Live Photos aren't supported on Instagram, so I couldn't just tap and post it to my feed without it becoming a regular still image. There is an awesome workaround, though, that I found.

Instagram does not support GIF files, so there's no point in trying to convert your Live Photo into one of those, but you can convert your Live Photo into a video file such as an MOV or MP4. Third-party apps like Lively and Motion Stills will let you do this easily while retaining resolution, so if the quality is of top concern to you, I'd try one of those apps.

If you'd rather just post your Live Photo to Instagram without any other apps involved or just want to post your Live Photo to your latest Instagram Story, then you totally can. Something magical will happen ... a slight vibration.

Anxious to know right away how to make your Live Photo work on Instagram? Then watch my video tutorial below where I demonstrate how to do it. Skip down below the video for the written instructions.

To make your Live Photo work on Instagram, just open up Instagram and start a new Story by tapping on your profile icon on your page in the top left. Swipe up to see the images and videos you took in the last 24 hours, find your Live Photo, then tap on it.

Once you see it up on your screen, use one finger and long-press on it. This is where that vibration part comes in. Within seconds, your Live Photo turns into an instant Boomerang — and you don't even need the Boomerang app installed on your iPhone to do this!

From here, you can filter, sticker, and enhance it, then post it to Stories or save it to Photos so you can upload it as a regular Instagram video.

I would not recommend posting your new Boomerang as a regular Instagram video. Once you save the Live Photo as a Boomerang, the video will be lower quality in most cases, especially if your Live Photo was in a landscape orientation. If you want to retain quality, that's where a third-party app like Lively or Motion Stills comes in handy.

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Cover photo, screenshots, and .gifs by Bettina Mangiaracina/Gadget Hacks

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