Snapchat 101: How to Tag Your Friends Using Snap's @ Mention Feature

How to Tag Your Friends Using Snap's @ Mention Feature

Snapchat's popularity has been soaring despite its controversial redesign, and they've been slowly rolling out features such as the new Giphy GIFs to enhance the user experience. Still, it's difficult to share other people's Snapchat handles and tag them in a way that lets others reach those people easily. That is, until today.

With a new feature rolling out to Snapchat users in the coming days, you'll be able to tag your friends in Snaps. By doing so, they'll be sent a notification that they've been tagged, and their handle will appear in the Snap, where you can tap "More" to see who is tagged, and "Add" to add them as a friend. Alternatively, tap "Subscribe" if you want to follow them. So, if you tag your friend Anthony in a Snap and put it on your Story, your other friends will be able to easily add Anthony as a friend.

Step 1: Take a Snap

First, begin by opening up Snapchat and taking a Snap by tapping the white circle at the bottom of your screen. You can flip around the camera by double-tapping on the screen.

Step 2: Tag a Friend

Once you take your Snap, tap on it to begin writing on it as you would any other. To tag a friend, type "@" followed by their handle. Now, when other people check out your Snap, they'll be able to see the tag.

You should be able to tag all your friends in your Snaps. This will likely make it easier for larger creators to be discovered in a way similar to Instagram, which has had this feature for a while now. How do you like this new feature for Snapchat? Do you think it'll help it compete with Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover image by Brian Lang/Gadget Hacks

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