News: This IG Account Will Expose Your Staged Camping Pictures

This IG Account Will Expose Your Staged Camping Pictures

Don't even think about posting a fake camping picture to Instagram because this account is committed to calling you out. The account entitled @youdidnotsleepthere is exposing fake pictures posted by travel bloggers to its over 36,000 followers.

Following in the footsteps of IG accounts like @youdidnoteatthat which calls people out for taking pictures with food they didn't actually eat, You Did Not Sleep There calls out people on Instagram for posting staged, fake pictures. The account focuses on the countless camping images on IG instilling wanderlust in us all.

The owner of the account is Luisa Jeffery, a woman from Portland, Oregon. She told Mashable that she was inspired to create the account after a friend suggested setting up tents in crazy locations to create cool pictures during a 21-day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Jeffery believes the majority of travel bloggers on IG post fake images, and she feels it's her duty to call them out. She began the page by searching through her IG feed for fake pictures, but now gets sent and tagged in images to post on her account by fans. Although some users seek promotion and ask to be featured on her account, Jeffery always refuses these requests. Conversely, if anyone asks her to take down their photos, she does without question.

Jeffery's page exposes just how easy it is to trick your followers on Instagram. Whether you're posting entirely photoshopped images or conveniently failing to mention that a post is sponsored, these days it seems that every IG post should be looked at with a discriminating eye.

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Cover photo via yongxinz/Pixabay

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