How to Try cool tricks with your cell phone

A mobile phone is capable of all kinds of hacks. You can use your cell for more than just photos, texts, and phone calls. Here are some great ways for messing about with your mobile handset, whether it be using a phone to unlock a car, or entering the mobile phone throwing championships.

Try cool tricks with your cell phone

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I love that microwave tip, don't want microwaves leaking over me!

Dear Viewers, This video is quite interesting indeed however, I have tried most of them and some do not work for most cellular telephones. A fair video, but unorthodox as well.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

How I hack my boyfriend voicemail password?

#$%@ ur bf for one nite

i tried the thing with the car lock and it worked from down the street, i used two Jukes

knowledge is power ! do anything

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