How To: Charge your cell phones with normal batteries

Charge your cell phones with normal batteries

So you're on a trip and you forgot to bring a cell phone charger. Don't want to spend 30 dollars, but need to have your cell phone on? This video will teach you how to charge your mobile phone with regular batteries. All you will need are: a charger plug, resistor 2, cell phone, and 4 AA batteries AA.

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If anyone ever says that German Neo-Expressionism is not alive and well in instructional videos, Show them this important piece. Oh, we haven't seen the last of the likes of this!!

Thanks a lot about these applications. but how can i learn these tutorials without videos, i mean the various steps, not only in videos, but in writings as well.

can my lg shine ke9790 be modded?

hey a cell phone battery requires 3.7v bt here we r giving 6 volt .......why?????

resistance and step down transformer losses are also there .
so thats why we are giving 6 v

hey, what if i replace the 4AA batteries with a 9volt battery?? will it still work??

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