How To: Get better battery life on DROID smartphones

Get better battery life on DROID smartphones

Battery life is a constant problem with cell phones today, and the Droid smartphones running Android software are no exception. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your Droid battery, then check out this helpful video that provides 8 tips on cutting battery-eating apps and features. If you want more battery life and are willing to sacrifice the cool features of the Droid cell phones, then you have to do these things. Don't let you Droid battery get drained!

These tips are good for most Droid cell phones, including the HTC Incredible and Droid Eris. Get longer battery life with these tips and tricks:

1. Adjust display brightness [0:29]
2. Adjust screen timeout [0:59]
3. Use the Power Control widget [1:33]
4. Use Advanced Task Killer [2:47]
5. Turn off Live Wallpapers [3:31]
6. Disable apps that frequently update [3:59]
7. Use Airplane mode [4:20]
8. Monitor your battery usage & adjust [5:07]
* Power tip: lock in a better signal using Star-228 reprogramming [5:49]

For more information, and a written guide, check out the Use My Droid website.

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