How To: Set up a secure lock on a Motorola DROID cell phone

Set up a secure lock on a Motorola DROID cell phone

You don't want anybody to have access to your cell phone. Nobody. Well, instead of the standard unlock mechanism, the one anybody can unlock your cell phone with, the Motorola DROID, and Android enable mobile device, allows you to create your own unlock pattern, secret to anyone else, which wakes it from sleep mode. Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to set up a secure lock on a Motorola DROID cell phone.

Dave: "Hi, my name's Dave and I work in the Best Buy in Union Square, Manhattan and today I'm gonna show you how to secure your new Motorola Droid phone. So you're gonna access your security menu through your home screen. You're going to be prompted to draw this unlock pattern. You can draw any design your want. Were gonna draw a square today to keep it simple trace it with your finger. Hit next and its gonna ask to confirm to make sure that you know what you drew. Your confirm it, and you're done. Now anytime that you want to unlock your phone, you're gonna be prompted to draw your pattern. Ugh, see I screwed up, the red lights. Lets try it again. Green means good and you're in. Your phones unlocked. You can use it and its protected."

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