How To: Connect a cell phone with a MAC computer via Bluetooth

Connect a cell phone with a MAC computer via Bluetooth

Did you know you can sync up your cell phone (any cell phone with Bluetooth) with your MAC computer? Doing so will enable you to do several things, including importing and syncing your address book, iCal (calender application), and even tethering your phone with your computer so you can get internet.

Pretty cool, right? If you're interested in hooking your cell phone up with you MAC, check out this video to learn how.

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i have la kg 195 mobilt but it is not connect with mac my e mail is

my i9boost will not download applications or open some web pages

i am new here i want to ask that "can i connect my nokia 5130 mobile to computer through bluetooth for internet? I have broadband internet in my pc.

I just want to put pictures taken with my phone onto my computer. I don't know why I didn't think to get iphone but I have Samsung mobile now, and I'm not about to work MORE hours so I can afford to switch.

But someone told me Samsung smart phones are like iphone. Anyway, I've never used blue tooth, and I hate seeing all these features go to waste.

How do you dial from your mac via your cell phone ? With an iphone its easy but anybody know how to do it via an android phone ?

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