How to Dry (rescue) wet cell phones w/ uncooked rice, silica packets or BHEESTIE Bags

The archenemies of cell phones— puddles, toilets, swimming pools— can cause serious damage to your gadgets. And if your mobile phone has taken the dive, don't panic— there's hope for recovery.

CNET has some ideas for saving your wet electronic devices, so try these drying-out methods before buying an expensive replacement.

Before you begin any water-rescue method, DO NOT attempt to turn on your phone; you might just short-circuit it. Also avoid using a blow dryer. Instead, remove the battery, SIM card and memory card. Next, you'll want to dry out your phone. This video covers three techniques, including uncooked rice, silica packets and the BHEESTIE Bag.

This works with most phones: iPhones, Androids, smartphones and basic call and text phones.

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