How To: Fix a wet cell phone or a jammed ipod

Fix a wet cell phone or a jammed ipod

Today's Tech shows you how to fix a cell phone or computer that has gotten wet or jammed. With a wet cell phone, you must act quickly or it may be permanently damaged. The first thing you should do after pulling it out of the water is to take the battery and SIM card out. Dry both of them off. If you drop it in a liquid that is not water, rinse them off quickly. If you have a vacuum cleaner handy, you can use it to suck the water off. You can also place the phone on top of your cable box. Wait at least 48 hours before putting the battery back in. With a keyboard, turn it upside down on top of a towel. If you spill water on your keyboard often, try buying a Seal Shield, which is a keyboard that is designed for getting wet. If a CD gets stuck in your computer, use a paperclip to punch in the release button. It should come right out. Finally, if your iPod freezes, toggle the hold button, then hold down the menu and center button until you see the Apple logo come up. With a non-Apple mp3, there should be a tiny grey button and again, press it with a paper clip. If this doesn't work, remove the battery and put it back in. Your mp3 player should work fine now.

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