How To: Save a cell phone after dropping it in water

Save a cell phone after dropping it in water

In this tutorial, we learn how to save a cell phone after dropping it into water. First, dry the phone off as soon as it gets wet then remove the battery and SIM card if you have one. Now, dry the crevices and all small areas of the phone with a towel. Once you have dried the phone out completely, let it set for over a day and it should work again. If it still doesn't work, charge the phone without the battery in it. If the phone works, you just need a new battery, not a new phone.

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wet cell phone -remove battery-sim card-dry everything with soft cloth-get a large jar of dry uncooked rice-put cell phone in sealed jar for a day or two..theory.. the dry rice absorbs all moisture from inside the phone..worked for me ..thanks

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