How To: Rescue a wet cell phone with rice

Rescue a wet cell phone with rice

Plunk! When your mobile device takes a swan dive, act fast with this Tech Triage first-aid guide to cell phone revival.

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What a great piece of advice, but does it work with an iphone?


i think it work for all electrical 3c stuff.
i just soak my digital camera into the rice since yesterday.
it's look dried so far.
have not try to turn on the camera yet.
let it soak more longer time.

this DOES work...A friend fell in a river while fishing drunk and recovered his cell the same way...............

WTF jimany Christmas?

rofl my cell phone went threw the washer twice and still works no big deal

never did anything else besides let it sit out over night

am not gonna try it for sure, but if it really works .... u r a GENIUS

Now we know!

Bad trick actually. What if you take a bath in a salt-water chlorred swimming pool with your cell phone...?? I did, and then disassembled all the parts I could in a hurry and rinsed it (the un-assebled pieces in LOTS of clean water), then I dried it or I could have used rice. The phone worked fine for another 8 months. :)

jeeez!!!!!!! very nyc...... really useful 4 me.... last fone i bought left it out in da rain... thought i screwed it... its wrkin though...... but dis thing.... rice stuff..... awesome..... uh.... must give it a try eh????

that's amazing !!!!!!!!!

i think its not.. coz d effective one dt i try is a thinner gas... after i soak it on the thinner gas then get and w8 for it to dry there you go it works.... rice???? i dont think so...


dude speak english... wht the f r u talking about? u soaked yr phone in thinner gas & it worked???? Try writing slowly & make sense of yr words

Be careful in placing the battery in the rice. Some batteries react badly to the rice. Cell went through washing machine placed everything in rice 24 hours later the battery had expanded to twice normal size and was in danger of rupturing. Not sure of the cause of the expansion, any thoughts?

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