How To: SSH into your iPhone or iPod Touch with ease

SSH into your iPhone or iPod Touch with ease

iPhoneElite8 teaches viewers how to easily SSH into their iPhone or iPod Touch using Cyberduck! First, open Safari, Google 'Cyberduck Space Mac". Click the very first link you get and download Cyberduck on the right. Now open Cyberduck on your computer. Get your iPhone of iPod Touch and open up settings. Under settings, connect to Wi-Fi, and copy down your IP address that shows. Go back to Cyberduck, go to open connection and click on 'protocol'. Open up SFTP and copy the IOP address you got from your iPhone into the Server. Your user-name will be the word "root" and your password is "alpine". Open up more options, under path write "/" and then click 'connect'. Now, you have SSH into your iPhone easily!

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