How To: SSH into your iPod Touch or iPhone without wifi

SSH into your iPod Touch or iPhone without wifi

This video presents how to connect to your iPod Touch or iPhone using SSH (Secure Shell) without using Wi-Fi connection.
1 Step. Presuming you have Internet connection in your iPhone, click Cydia. Wait for it to load. Type "OpenSSH" without quotes into the search engine. When OpenSSH is found, download and install it.
2 Step. On your personal computer download Needed Files Package Zip file. Extract two program setups from Zip archive. Run and install both applications.
3. Run iPhone Tunnel Suite 2. 7 program. In Device Settings dialogue box enter your device name and specifications. If your firmware is later than 2. 0.2 you choose 2. 0.2 option anyway. Then enter IP you usually use for Wi-Fi connection.
Finally, click Save button.
4. In iPhone Tunnel Suite 2. 7 main menu choose the device you just set up, click iTunnel and ensure that "Use Tunnel" option is selected, then click File Browser button.
5. iTunnel will automatically open WinSCP application and emulate SSH connection via Wi-Fi.

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