How To: Reset your SSH password on an iPhone or iPod Touch

Reset your SSH password on an iPhone or iPod Touch

This video tutorial from DrJailbreak shows how to reset your SSH password on iPhone or iPod.If you changed your password through Rock with your Mobile Terminal and forgot it, this is what you are going to do to set your root and mobile password back to alpine.First you will need iFile application. Open Cydia and browse to Navigate to Be Your iPhone Repo and scroll down to iFile. Download and install.Open iFile and navigate to /Private/etc.Scroll down and open master.passwrd. Click edit and scroll up to root: line.Type this line /smx7MYTQIi2M.Click Save and close iFile application.Voila! Now your root password is reset back to alpine.

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I need to know how too unlock and apple Ipod 80gb classics with four combination lock? My step-son forgot his pass code and he locked the Ipod

by mistakes. So he need help unlocking it right now. Could you please

help me unlock the ipod classics, I really appreciate it whoever could help

me unlock it.

Follow these instructions:

-Plug the iPod in to any computer.

-Go to the following directory F:\iPodControl\Device\ (F is the drive of the iPod) (You will have to put this in the NavBar directly; the folder is hidden.

-Look for a file named "locked" and rename the file "unlocked"
-Pull the iPod off the cord, and it should be unlocked.

This might not work but there's a good chance it will

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