How To: SSH into an iPod Touch 2G for Windows (3.0 firmware)

SSH into an iPod Touch 2G for Windows (3.0 firmware)

You can use your Ipod touch to SSH from windows. To do this go to Cydia and download Open SSH and Toggle SSH. Download and install these two applications. You will need to download and install Win SCP on your windows computer to work with the SSH. Now go to your Ipod applications and open the Toggle SSH application. From the welcome screen you can either enable or disable the SSH. Go ahead and enable it. Now close the application and open Win SCP on your desktop. From the first screen in the host name type the ip address of Ipod which can be found in the settings of your Ipod. Fill in the rest of the details and now you can connect to your Ipod. This video shows how to SSF from windows to your Ipod touch using SSH applications.

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