How To: Use WinSCP to SSH into your iPod Touch or iPhone

Use WinSCP to SSH into your iPod Touch or iPhone

Many videos out there tell you about how you need to SSH into your iPod touch or iPhone in order to do certain things. But what does this mean? This video explains how to SSH into the iPhone or iPod Touch using WinSCP.

On your iPod Touch or iPhone, get these packages from Cydia:
1) Automatic SSH
2) SBSettings

Download and Install WinSCP for your PC computer from this link:

Enter these in for the required fields in the WinSCP login screen:

Host name: Your device's IP Address***
User name: root
Password: alpine

***You can find this by opening up SBSettings (slide the top bar). The numbers with the dots next to "Wi-Fi IP Address" is what you need to type in.

Just make sure to follow every step of the video and you should be fine!

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