How To: SSH into a jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone

SSH into a jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone

In this video from rscp1050 we learn how to SSH into a jailbroken ipod touch or iphone. First go into Cydia and search for SSH. You need to download OpenSSH. Then also install Toggle SSH. After installed, restart the iphone. Now on your computer, download WinSCP. Once installed, open it. Type in your IP address which can be found by going to your settings on your iphone. Click wifi, and click the blue arrow next to your network. There is your IP address. Then, User name is root. Password is alpine. Now click save. Save the session as something you would like. Now go back to your iphone and open ToggleSSH. Hit enable, and go back onto the computer and login. It will ask you for the username and password again which is root and alpine. Now you will see all the files on your iphone on your computer. To see your music you should be in /private/var/mobile/media. Then go to itunes control. Double click on it. Now click onto music. If you want to copy the music to your desktop, select all the files and drag them all on the desktop.

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