How To: Make your iPhone or iPod Touch more secure

Make your iPhone or iPod Touch more secure

This quick tutorial runs you through a fast and easy way to make your iPhone or iPod Touch more secure. However the best security is abstinence. Just don't run the programs that leave your devices vulnerable unless you need them.

The first half of this tutorial is for those who use SSH.

Step One- Open your mobile terminal and log in as root by typing "as root" and press enter. It will then ask you for the password, which is "alpine", if you haven't already changed.
Step Two- At the command prompt enter the command of passwd (yes spelled just like that) and press enter. The prompt will then ask you to enter a new password (REMEMBER IT) then press enter. It will then ask you to re-enter it, do so and press enter again.
Step Three- At the command prompt again you have to enter passwd "mobile". Press enter again and it will go through the exact same steps that you just went through to change your regular password. Remember to pick something you remember.

And that is it for the first half.

The second half is for those users who use VNC. Again it is best not to run these programs unless you are using them.

Step One: Enter your settings application and then go down to the settings for Veency. Open it and choose to set a password. And that's it!

Two very easy ways to make your jail broken iPhone or iPod touch more secure. But again it is best only to leave those programs 'on' when using them.

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