How To: Install Super Nintendo on an iPhone/iPod Touch (3.0)

Install Super Nintendo on an iPhone/iPod Touch (3.0)

This is a video tutorial showing its audience how to install Super Nintendo onto an Ipod Touch or an IPhone. The first step is to open Cydia and click on packages. Scroll down and click on Open SSH, install the program and then open it. Then go to games and you can install the Super Nintendo application. Next install SSH Client on your computer and open it. Next plug your IPhone/IPod into your computer and transfer your Super Ninentdo game onto your IPhone/IPod. When you are finished transfering this then you will unplug your IPod/IPhone and then next you will turn off your IPod/IPhone and then turn it back on, when it is back on you will be able to see the Super Nintendo application and play with it.

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