How To: Get Customize working on ANY iPhone / iPod Touch

Get Customize working on ANY iPhone / iPod Touch

This video is about getting customize working on ANY iPhone/iPod Touch Open iPhone/iPod touch. You need to know SSH. You don't need to turn off Wi-Fi. Go to customize, edit system stings. Springboard English, Power lock. Change to desired name. Press save. Close. Go back to strings, customize, exit and restart springboard. You have successfully changed to the new name. Go to the video description, click on sense base link and download customize Right click and extract all. It opens by itself. There are four folders-cache, file sets, original backup and strings. Open SSH-on a PC its win scp on a Mac it is cyberduck. Go into Cydia and download customize. It won't be working. Choose folder with arrow up. Go to mobile, library, customize 2 and right click and delete. Scroll down to the bottom. Take the extracted folder and drag it to the middle, release and copy. Close the SSH tool. Turn the phone off and reboot the phone. After rebooting, customize should appear.

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