How To: Print documents wirelessly with iPhone or iPod Touch

Print documents wirelessly with iPhone or iPod Touch

With the right app and software, a wireless printer will allow you to print directly from your Apple iPhone or Apple iPod Touch. Print & Share is an iPhone and iTouch app that enables you to print files, emails, webpages, contacts, images from your iPhone photo album, and camera photos that you can take and print right away. But, to print off your device, you need to first install the right app and software. It works with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and is primarily for printing docs on plain paper.

Let Epson teach you how to print documents wirelessly with iPhone or iPod Touch. To do this, first you need to buy and download the Print & Share app on your iPhone or iTouch. Launch Print & Share, a message will appear to prompt you to download and install the WePrint software onto your computer, but installing to a USB drive would be better suited for travel. Then you can print to any Wi-Fi enable printer, such as the Epson Artisan or Epson WorkForce models.

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