How To: Remove the password on an iPhone or iPod Touch

Remove the password on an iPhone or iPod Touch

Getting through the iPhone's 4-digit passcode may seem almost impossible, but it is actually quite easy. Permanently remove any passcode with this simple trick. But beware: everything else will be lost on the device as well! This will let you unlock someones password on an ipod or iphone touch.

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My phone is locked i got it from a friend but theres no sim card in it? i tried what you said and an error message comes up saying "this iphone could not be restored. it is not eligle for the requested build??? do u know why???

Dfu mode can be aquired by holding the power and home buttons for 10seconds, let go of power and continue holding home fore 15 seconds.

Put your iDevice in DFU mode, now open iTunes and restore, if this doesnt work try using redsn0w to downgrade then update if you have saved shsh blobs from jailbreaking. If not try taking it the apple store they can probly fix it in like 10minutes :)

I just purchased my air mini. I like it so far, however having to use my passcode every time I pick it up, is annoying. Is there some way to disable the feature while I am at home or in a safe private location?

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