How To: Unbrick your frozen iPhone or iPod Touch

Unbrick your frozen iPhone or iPod Touch

iPhones, iPads, iPods and iPod Nanos are great, but every now and then they get stuck or frozen and you can't do a single thing to get past that "brick" wall. When your iPhone or iPod Touch goes kaput, check out this tutorial to learn how to unbrick your frozen i-gadget.

These instructions work almost 100% of the time, so you can rest assured that you can still watch the latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory" on the car ride home tonight.

Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the computer to ensure there's a power supply first.

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my phone is stuck on the connect to itunes screen on the iphone any ideas

Hey there! i have the same problem as bigmikeom56...i tried doignwhat u showed me but now the ipod doesnt come on...i tried repeating ur method and itunes does not register the iphone...please can i have ur help?? thanx...nushi

my ipod had a password nd i 4got it now its locked wat do i do?

hey my iphone is unlocked so i can't reactivate it what should i do?

i whant to know how to unlckd iphone or ipodtuch

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