How To: Jailbreak an iPhone or iPod Touch firmware 3.0

Jailbreak an iPhone or iPod Touch firmware 3.0

George3694 will show you how to jailbreak an iPhone or iPod touch firmware 3.0. This will work on the iPod touch first and second generation, the iPhone original and 3GS. Download Red snow software from the link provided. Click on browse download firmware and put it on your desktop. Next upload the firmware to your device. Install both features, make sure your device is plugged in and turned off. Follow the instructions and put device in DF mode. Just wait as the software loads to your machine.
LINK:- [http://www.299135 Jailbreak an iPhone or iPod Touch firmware Link]

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Will doing this erase all my games and apps I have on my 1st gen Ipod ?

Also do I have to use Itunes at all to jailbreak my 1st Gen Ipod ?
because whenever I have used itunes it's blanked out my ipod .....:-(

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