How To: Print photos wirelessly with iPhone or iPod Touch

Print photos wirelessly with iPhone or iPod Touch

If you have an iPhone, you've probably taken tons of photos with the built-in camera. Sharing photos online is really great, but you can do so much more! ePrint is an app that lets you print photos directly from your iPhone or iTouch using a Wi-Fi enabled printer and no computer at all.

Epson provides this video tutorial on how to print photos wirelessly with iPhone or iPod Touch to a Wi-Fi enabled printer, such as the Epson Artisan or WorkForce all-in-one printers, using the ePrint app.

To do this, you will need to buy and download the ePrint app on your iPhone or iTouch, have a Wi-Fi enabled computer, and know your printer IP address.

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thanks for da video,easy to understand and now i can easily print my photos now from my ipod


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