How To: Block specific phone numbers from calling you

Block specific phone numbers from calling you

Privacy is important. Whether its a telemarketer or a crazy ex, sometimes you may need to block someone from contacting you. With this tutorial, learn how to get rid of those pesky callers.
You Will Need
• Internet access
• Phone
• Call-blocking service
• Cell phone's owner's manual
• Knowledge about state laws
• Caller ID

Step 1: Register your phone number
Register your landline and cell phone number online with the National Do Not Call Registry.
Telemarketing calls will stop approximately 31 days after registering.

Step 2: Sign up
Sign up for a call-blocking service that meets your needs through your landline service provider. Call your provider for more information on their available call blocking services.

Step 3: Block cell phone calls
Blocking unwanted calls from your cell phone depends on the particular phone and service you use. Check your owner's manual for filtering options.

Step 4: Review state laws
Research your state's laws. Help may be offered for cell phone users depending on your states phone harassment or cyber stalking laws.

Step 5: Get caller ID
Get caller ID to know who is calling. You can choose to either answer or ignore the call.

Step 6: Block your number
Block your own phone number from being seen by the receiver by dialing star-67 before dialing the number.
Did you know? Telemarketers who call a consumer registered on the National Do Not Call Registry can be fined up to $11,000 per incident.

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