How To: Tether an Android phone to a Mac using PdaNet

Tether an Android phone to a Mac using PdaNet

If you have an Android-based cell phone and want to tether it to your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or other computer running Mac OS X software, the secret lies in a little application called PdaNet.

Watch this video tutorial to see how to download PdaNet to both your Android phone and your Mac computer. Then, see how to actually tether your Android cell phone to your Mac computer for free internet access. This comes in handy when you need to connect to the internet when you're outside of a Wi-Fi network.

PdaNet is free, but after 30 days it will block "https" websites. It will still work for all other sites, though.

**Disclaimer: It is advised that you subscribe to a tethering plan if you are going to do this to avoid extra charges.

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