How To: Not pay for texting on the iPhone or iPod Touch

Not pay for texting on the iPhone or iPod Touch

This video shows you how to bypass expensive texting charges and use this free and easy way to text people without the need to download apps, go to websites, or jailbreak your device. Works on basically any cell phone. No need to ever pay $20.00 for unlimited texting with AT&T, watching this you'll be able to text for free whenever, and whoever.

Sample of Common Texting Gateways:
--United States--
Verizon: (Area Code + Phone Number)
AT&T: (Area Code + Phone Number)
T-Mobile: (Area Code + Phone Number)
Sprint: (Area Code + Phone Number)
Rogers: (Phone Number)
Sasktel: (Phone Number)
Telus: (Phone Number)
Orange: (Phone Number)
O2: (Phone Number)
O2: (Phone Number)
O2: (Phone Number)

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