How To: Activate Bluetooth settings on an Android cell phone

Activate Bluetooth settings on an Android cell phone

If you just purchased an Android enable mobile device with Bluetooth, then one of the main objectives you'll have on your to-do list is to set it up in your vehicle for hands-free dialing and phone calls. Activating Bluetooth inside your car is easy, and all you need to remember is a little number called zero. Actually, you need to remember it 4 times — Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to activate Bluetooth settings on an Android cell phone.

Rusty: "Hi, I'm Rusty, I'm the Sales Lead at Best Buy Mobile in Chelsea, New York and I'm gonna tell you how to pair your Android phone with the Ford Sync Bluetooth system or any Bluetooth headset. With any Android phone, you'll be able to find a Bluetooth widget. Simply activate that and that turns on your phone's Bluetooth system so it's able to pair up with Bluetooth devices around you. The standard Bluetooth pairing code which you'll have to enter is 0000. This is especially important for the Ford Sync since it will give you a different code. Disregard that code. 0000 will work with all Android phones. Once a device is paired up, you'll be able to take any call wirelessly through your cars stereo system. You'll also be able to play any music on your device whether its through Amazon mp3, iTunes, Rhapsody, any music you have on your device will play through your cars stereo system, automatically pause when you get a call and resume playing once your call is completed. I have a Bluetooth headset right here. I'm gonna actively pair it up right now. Managing Bluetooth settings, connected to the phone and media audio. The device is now paired up and ready to go. I can listen to my music or make any call right away."

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