How To: Block someone from calling or texting you on your iPhone

Block someone from calling or texting you on your iPhone

If there are people you just don't want to talk to, or texts you want to stop recieving, you can use the MCleaner app for iPhone. This app has a white list of approved numbers and a black list of disallowed numbers. You can even choose to let in phone calls from one number while letting in their text messages, or vice versa. MCleaner will also log your blocked calls, so you can see who has been trying to get through.

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Some of these Apps are great ways to temporarily block unwanted phone call, spam text messages, etc... I was thinking something more permanent for telemarketers, and those pesky SMS spammers too.

Any built in features in iPhone 5? I am on IOS 6.

some people have telemarketing jobs because its a job its the people on the other end of the phone that their job the hardest they can be rude and un kind its not the telemarketers fault some of them only get paid on commission like six dollars a quote or lead sometimes they only get one lead or quote in an hour so ease up on telemarketers they are only trying to make a living like u earn a pay check it only takes one sec for you to say no thank you it takes the telemarketer an hour just to get one yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a thank you

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