How To: Make phone calls from your PC

Make phone calls from your PC

In this video Dionne shows how phone calls can be made by PC. There are a number of softwares available in the internet for making phone calls, but the best and the cheapest is Skype. Skype is easy to download and install in your computer. Then you can enter the contacts and their phone numbers. After that you have to buy Skype credits so as to start making calls anywhere in the world. Calling from Skype is so cheap that if you buy a credit of 10 pounds, it will last many days no matter where in the world you are calling. If the credits are over and you do not want to top it further then you can use it as a free messenger or for a video and voice chat. You just need a head set and a microphone to start calling. In the video Dionne makes a call to a friend and the voice quality is amazing.

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