How To: Downgrade iPhone 3G To 3.1.X

Downgrade iPhone 3G To 3.1.X

So, you're all excited you went ahead and 'upgraded' your iPhone 3G to IOS 4.0X so you could reap all the benefits of all the new features.

As it turns out, many of the best features in IOS 4.0X are not available for the 3G, such as the Bluetooth keyboard, selectable backgrounds and the worst...multi-tasking!  What you can expect, or at least a large number of iPhone 3G users have reported, is a much slower phone with huge delays when trying to open apps and typing, lower (and kind of random) battery life and a feeling of being left out as the features are there but not enabled.  

Now, the multi-tasking may be better turned off on the 3G as the CPU may not be able to keep up....but whatever the reasoning the fact is, that these features just are not there and it does not make sense for the other ones I mentioned.

So, bottom line, you tried it, your phone now blows, and you want to revert back to IOS can you do it?  Follow these instructions and you should be back to normal in no time.

Step 1 Plug in your iPhone to the PC

No picture required, otherwise you may want to get someone else to help you here! ;-)

Step 2 Download RecBoot 

For Windows: Click Here

For MAC: Click Here

Step 3 Put iPhone into Recovery Mode

iPhone Recovery Mode

If you did it right, iTunes will pop up a window (like the one below) telling you that it's detected an iPhone in recovery mode and your iPhone's screen will be black. If it didn't work, start from the beginning and try again.

How to Downgrade iPhone 3G To 3.1.X

Step 4 Download IOS 3.1.3 

You can download IOS 3.1.3 from here: Click To Download

Step 5 Downgrade your iPhone - Use RecBoot

Downgrade iPhone

When it is complete, you will see an error such as this one:

How to Downgrade iPhone 3G To 3.1.X

No need to panic!  Relax!  Breathe in...breathe out.  

This is why we downloaded will fix our issue here.

Step 6 Unzip & run RecBoot

Simply unzip RecBoot into a folder, and run the recboot.exe. You will see this:

How to Downgrade iPhone 3G To 3.1.X

Click the Exit Recovery Mode button.

In a few seconds, RecBoot should kick you out of plug-me-into-iTunes recovery mode and you'll boot right into your freshly downgraded 3.1.3.

Step 7 Restore your backup

Now that you are back to IOS 3.1.3 you can restore your backup from iTunes:

How to Downgrade iPhone 3G To 3.1.X


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