How To: Jailbreak 3.1 iPhone & iPod Touch on Windows

Jailbreak 3.1 iPhone & iPod Touch on Windows

Jailbreak 3.1 iPhone & iPod Touch on Windows This will not work with third generation. If you bought a 32 or 64 gig after September 9 you have a third generation iPod touch. This covers Touch 2g and iPhone 2G. It needs to be boned up on 3.o firmware before you update to 3.1. If you have problems restoring or getting 1600 errors, wait for Red Snow. If the device is messed up, hold home and power button for 20 seconds and it will reboot. You'll be fine. Download the firmware for your device. Open itunes. Save the firmware to the desktop. Have the iPhone or iPod touch plugged to the computer. Put into DFE mode. Turn off device. Hold home and power button. Release the power button. Hold the home button. iTunes pops up. The Phone screen should be black. Hit the shift key (Option for Mac). Hold in and click the restore button. This opens another window. Select the custom firmware that you downloaded. Let it restore. You have a jail broken iPhone, iPod touch.

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