How To: Record video on your Apple iPhone 3G for free

Record video on your Apple iPhone 3G for free

This video will show you how to record video on your Apple iPhone 3G for free! This is a complete guide to installing the iPhone Video Recorder on your iPhone 3G, which also works on the First Generation iPhone.

Learn how to fill in the missing feature of video recording on your iPhone by jailbreaking and installing iPhone Video Recorder, and enjoy taking video on your iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G.

In brief, jailbreak,
Launch Cydia,
Install OpenSSH,
Add to the cydia sources,
Install iPhone Video Recorder,
Open a SSH shell to your iPhone,
Log in, username "root" and default password is "alpine",
Type in the following commands:
cd /var/mobile
mkdir Documents
chmod 777 Documents
cd /Applications
mkdir Documents
chmod 777 Documents

You're done! Enjoy recording video with your iPhone 3G.

If you want to get the files on your computer so you can email them or edit them or whatever, you're going to need to open up your FTP client on your computer, set it to use the SSH file transfer protocol punch in your iPhone's IP address login name and password and navigate to the /private/var/mobile/Documents folder, that's where the completed video recordings are stored, you can just drag and drop your files from there.

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Another nice iPhone video recorder is Cycorder, which works on the 2G iPhone too. I've used it on a 2G, and it's nice, allowing the iPhone to record at its maximum frame rate of 15 fps in good light (the fps drops if the light level drops). Like "iPhone Video Recorder for 3G", it requires your iPhone be jailbroken to run non-Apple approved apps.

how to do --> Open a SSH shell to your iPhone?

hi ihawe iphone 3g 4.2.1 ios and i can not run video recorder for 3g pls help

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