How To: Unlock an Apple iPhone 2G or 3G

Unlock an Apple iPhone 2G or 3G

This is an Apple iPhone video tutorial that will show you how to unlock an Apple iPhone 2G or 3G for use with another mobile phone service provider other that AT&T. If you are using a Macintosh computer, you can unlock both the 2G and the 3G phones. If you're using a PC, then you can only unlock the 3G iPhone.

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u dont know #$%@

can you unlock it for verizon??? and how come the video stops without you to finish explaining?

stupid people! verizon is CDMA while iphone is GSM you can't simply unlock an iphone so you can use verizon. it's two different systems!!!!!

hi i just restored my iphone 1st generation now i put it in to itunes to activate it when it tells you to in itunes all its saying is please wait while apple athenticates your apple id this might take up to a minute and am still stitting her after a hour nothing is happening what do i do please i didnot jailbreak it just done restore has normal to factory reset how long dose it take to activate the phone can you please let me know thank you

how to go on the using itunes

hey, try using unlockyourappleiphone.? com
works great.. took? about 5mins
definitely recommended!

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