Forum Thread: How Do I Text from My Phone but Block My Number

I am a victum of family violence but have friends can i text them but block my number

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Google SMS Spoofing. There are quite a few sites and apps that you can accomplish this with. You phone and needs will dictate which one works best for you. I cannot provide any insight into any of these or how someone may be able to figure out your real UID. Good luck.


To do this on a non rooted phone through google play apps, these apps should accommodate you just fine.

Free Apps
fake mailer
fake & real sms scheduler
fake sms
sending fake sms
fake email sender
fake email
also try
fake-a-call free
fake GPS
fake camera
fake sms & call ( trial)
fake permissions
mask my number
fake credit card maker
fake cash machine
secret agent fake call
fake sms rescue excuse

u can go to google play store and they got a free app called anonomous text

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