Forum Thread: Suggest Phones Around $300.(Urgent)

Guys please suggest me Smartphones around the price $300.
I can get mobiles from 2 countries USA and India.

There are no specific requirements for me.
Suggest me the best smartphone available in this price range.

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OnePlus Two and Moto G are great options.

Key question, where will the phones be used? I recently bought a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 for about 150 Euro. It's a beast of a phone, in every regard. Awesome battery... just make sure you have big enough pockets or you'll be forced to carry it everywhere.

I'm in the US now. It works, but due to band constraints, I'm restricted to 4g only. No Edge, no 2g. Thankfully I'm in a populated city, so it's not too bad, otherwise I'd stuck without service.

Samsung galaxy s22 ultra . you can get this in use condition

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