News: The Best Black Friday 2017 Deals on Android Phones

The Best Black Friday 2017 Deals on Android Phones

There are a lot of Android phones out there, and chances are that someone in your life is looking for one this holiday season. Well, there also happens to be a lot of Black Friday deals on Android phones this year. So we've rounded up the best deals taking place on Black Friday weekend to help you save big.

Some of these phones deals are available right now, while others aren't going on sale until Black Thursday (aka Thanksgiving) or Black Friday weekend, so make sure to check the fine print on all deals to make sure you don't miss the one you want.

1. $524 Off with Amazon

Amazon is the place to be for Black Friday shopping this year. Their inventory outnumbers all other stores in most categories, although many on this list rival or beat Amazon in the Android department. Still, there are some great deals to be found here. Check them out below.

2. $300 Gift Card from Target

Target is the place to go for Samsung deals. Currently, the retailer is offering a free $300 Target gift card with the qualified activation of a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note 8. It's the perfect strategy — buy a Samsung device from Target, and they'll help you with the rest of your holiday spending.

A "qualified activation" means you need to be tied to a carrier. At Target, you can choose to activate your new Galaxy device through an AT&T Next plan, Verizon Device Payment plan, or Sprint's 24-Month installments or lease payments.

There's also one more deal on Android phones from Target, and it's a doorbuster:

3. Up to $360 Off at Best Buy

If you prefer shopping at Best Buy, or you know more of your list can be covered at Best Buy, have no fear buying your Android phones here.

The store offers almost the same special on Galaxy devices that Target does, except instead of a gift card, it's an actual discount: get $300 off the purchase and activation of a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note 8, which includes Best Buy-exclusive colors Coral Blue and Deepsea Blue.

Unfortunately, the activation must be through either Verizon's Device Payment Plan or Sprint's installments or lease payments, both 24-months long. AT&T and T-Mobile customers will not be able to take advantage of this deal. Interestingly, Best Buy notes that customers in Ohio and Michigan are limited to five devices.

If you'd rather buy your Galaxy phone outright, Best Buy has an unlocked deal:

There are also deals on the Moto Z2 Play smartphone with a Verizon Device Payment plan and an LG G6 with qualified activation on a Sprint 24-month plan. The latter phone is one of our favorite devices for rooting and modding and a good competitor to the iPhone X — and it's a steal at the offered price.

But these aren't the only Android phones that Best Buy is offering deals on. Others include unlocked and prepaid smartphones from Huawei, Motorola, Alcatel, and BLU, to name just a few. See them all below.

Just like the LG G6 mentioned previously, the Mate 9 listed above is also one of our favorite Android phones for rooting and modding, so we'd definitely recommend checking that one out.

4. Up to $200 Off Unlocked Devices at NewEgg

NewEgg is most famous for selling computers and computer parts. However, it's also a decent smartphone vendor, and all phones come unlocked, meaning you don't need to be tied to a specific carrier.

Unfortunately, you won't find any Samsung products here, but NewEgg does offer specials on the ZTE Axon 7 and Axon Mini, Asus ZenFone 3 Lazer and ZenFone Zoom, and Huawei Honor 8, all of which come unlocked. You can save up to $200 on these Android phones, so make sure to give NewEgg a close look.

If you love listening to music on your smartphone, we recommend the ZTE Azon 7 deal above. It appears on our Gadget Hacks lists of best phones available for audiophiles, best phones for music lovers on a budget, and best phones for binge-watching streaming videos, so it's a great buy.

5. $300 Gift Card from Walmart

Walmart has a similar deal to Best Buy and Target for the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 devices — $300 Walmart gift card with qualifying activation. This is also the same deal they are offering for iPhone models. The activation must be through either AT&T's Next plan or Verizon's Device Payment plan. Sprint and T-Mobile customers cannot take advantage of the deal.

  • $300 gift card with Samsung Galaxy S8 on AT&T or Verizon
  • $300 gift card with Samsung Galaxy S8+ on AT&T or Verizon
  • $300 gift card with Samsung Galaxy Note8 on AT&T or Verizon

If you're in the market for some midrange Android devices, Walmart might be the place to look. They have phones ranging from the Galaxy S7 (2016 model), the Galaxy J7, and the LG Rebel 2. However, you will need to pick them up through the carrier Straight Talk Wireless. The $200 off the S7 might be worth it to some people.

You can also get a decent deal on a Samsung J3 with a Verizon Wireless prepaid plan or a Huawei Ascend XT 2 with an AT&T prepaid plan. While it's limiting that all deals are locked to a specific carrier, each carrier is offering something enticing such as a $50/30-day Unlimited Service Plan Card (Verizon) and $40/30-day Mobile Card (AT&T).

6. Buy One, Get One Free at T-Mobile

T-Mobile has a pretty sweet deal for anyone looking to get more than one Samsung Galaxy or LG smartphone. When you purchase a select Galaxy or LG device, you can get a second one of equal or lesser value free. This deal starts on Nov. 17 at 12:01 a.m.

The second phone must be activated on a new line, whether a new or existing customer, and both must be purchased using T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan for a 24-month period. A rebate will be issued to you via a prepaid MasterCard card up to 8 weeks later. If you cancel service at any time, the remaining balance will then be due. Full taxes on both phones due at purchase.

  • Galaxy S8 requires $30 down, $30/month (full pre-rebate price of $750)
  • Galaxy S8+ requires $100 down, $30/month (full pre-rebate price of $820)
  • Galaxy Note 8 requires $100 down, $30/month (full pre-rebate price of $820)
  • Galaxy S8 Active requires $100 down, $30/month (full pre-rebate price of $820)
  • LG G6 requires $20 down, $20/month (full pre-rebate price of $500)
  • LG V20 requires $0 down, $16/month (full pre-rebate price of $384)
  • LG V30 requires $80 down, $30/month (full pre-rebate price of $800)
  • LG V30+ requires $130 down, $30/month (full pre-rebate price of $850)

Of course, since this is a rebate offer, you might want to save that rebate to pay for the monthly charges you'll be paying on the full price of the phones.

7: Buy One, Get One Half-Off at Verizon

Verizon is offering some pretty interesting deals on Android phones this Black Friday. In fact, these deals are available right now.

The Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, Motorola Moto Z2 Force Edition, Moto Z2 Play, LG V30, and the Asus ZenFone AR are all included in a "Buy One, Get One Half-Off" deal. When you buy one of these phones, you can buy a second for half of its original cost, granted the price of that phone is equal to or less than the phone you purchase at full price. The second phone must also be the same phone or at least in the same family of phones as the first (i.e. if you buy a Note 8, the second phone must be a Note 8, S8, or S8+).

You must open a new line with one purchase of the device, and the phones must be purchased with monthly payments.

Price after 50% discount:

Within this deal, Verizon also offers a trade-in deal for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. If you trade in a qualifying smartphone, you can receive 50% off a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. What makes this deal even better is the Pixel purchase qualifies for the Buy One, Get One Half-Off deal, meaning you can get a second Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL device for 50% off. Essentially, you'll get one Pixel device for free. Qualifying trade-ins include the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, LG G6, Moto Z Force, Moto X2 Force, Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, and S7 Edge.

You must buy the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL with monthly device payments. To get a second one 50% off, you must open a new Verizon line, also with monthly device payments.

8: $400 LG Rebate with Purchase of V30 or V30+

LG is stepping it up this year — if you purchase a V30 or V30+, then buy another LG product, LG will send you up to a $400 rebate in the form of a Visa gift card. Whether you'd like to buy another smartphone, or perhaps a TV or refrigerator, that rebate will take a nice chunk out of the total cost.

You can file your claim from LG's V30 More Promotion page starting on Nov. 30, 15 days after the date of purchase of your V30, and you must make your claim within 45 days of the date of purchase, or by Jan. 16, 2018, whichever is sooner. Qualifying purchase must be made between Thursday, Nov. 16, through Saturday, Dec. 2.

9: $400 Off HTC Bolt Through HTC.Com

HTC is kicking off its Black Friday deals early this year. Starting Nov. 21, HTC fans can get $400 off an HTC Bolt, plus a free pair of HTC Fetch headphones (normally $19.99), for a total of $200. You can also get $50 off the HTC U11, which comes with a free pair of JBL Reflect Aware C headphones (normally $199.99), as well as that free pair of HTC Fetch headphones. You can purchase either the 4 GB RAM/64 GB model for $599, or the 6 GB RAM/128 GB model for $679.

You can get the HTC U11 Life for $349, plus — you guessed it — a free pair of HTC Fetch headphones. Accessories are 50% off with the purchase of an HTC phone, and cases for the HTC One M8, M9, and A9 are just $5 each.

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