How To: Play Google’s New Geo-Trivia Maps Game on Android & iOS

Play Google’s New Geo-Trivia Maps Game on Android & iOS

Somewhere in a back-end update, Google snuck a Google Maps Trivia game into its mobile Maps apps. The game is accessible through the Google Maps side-navigation menu on Android and iOS (hidden right at the bottom, of course), and it's ready to play right now.

It's a rather fun game, too. SmartyPins, as it's called, asks you a series of geography-based trivia questions, where the penalty for wrong answers is deducted in miles.

A correct answer within a set amount of time nets you bonus points, but an incorrect guess is penalized by the amount of miles that your location was off.

The new game is also available on Google Maps for the desktop platform. Visit the website to give it a try!

How'd you do? Are you a geography wiz?

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