Gaming: The 9 Best Free Trivia Games for Android & iPhone

The 9 Best Free Trivia Games for Android & iPhone

Trivia games are a great way to test your knowledge and learn about people and things you never knew of before. They're ideal in a group setting because they can serve as the perfect conversation starter when you're enjoying time with friends, family, or even complete strangers.

Everyone can find their niche in a trivia game — even if they're not trivia buffs. It really boils down to your individual interests, as you'll naturally have knowledge about the things you're into. As such, we decided to come up with a list of the best free trivia games that are available on both Google Play and the iOS App Store.

We made sure that all games in this list were completely free, and we gave priority to ones that don't require in-app purchases. We also ruled out games with obtrusive ads, because that can easily spoil the fun. So after several days of testing every trivia game we could get our hands on, we're proud to share our nine picks for the best trivia games for iPhone and Android.

1. QuizUp

Billed as "the biggest trivia game in the world," QuizUp pits you against friends and people who share your interests. There are 149 unique topics to follow, and you can choose to play by yourself in single player mode, select a random opponent, or pick from a list of available friends to get started.

To keep tie games to a minimum, players who are quicker at giving the correct answers earn slightly more points, so answering with speed is crucial. You can use Facebook, Google, or email to log into QuizUp, which lets you pick up where you left off if you ever switch between devices.

Ads are minimal, appearing in between matches and as a small banner on top while playing. All in all, QuizUp is highly recommended for trivia gamers who love the thrill that comes with multiplayer competition.

2. Trivia 360

Trivia 360 tests your knowledge of a wide assortment of subjects in stages that consist of ten questions that must be cleared within sixty seconds. Naturally, the stages get harder as you progress, so you're often left trying to guess the answer to an obscure question while helplessly watching the time tick away. Thankfully, you have three chances to make mistakes, after which the game ends.

Trivia 360 runs the gamut of quiz topics to keep you on your toes, and you'll be answering not only standard multiple choice tests, but also true or false questions and visual recognition of famous landmarks, works of art, and people.

If you find it too challenging, you can lengthen the amount of time per stage from 60 to 90 or 120 seconds. Ads appear here and there in between stages, along with a small banner that occasionally appears on the bottom. Not only is Trivia 360 a great trivia game, it's also an awesome way to learn more about the world in general.

3. SongPop 2

Guessing a popular song's title or artist has always been a fun way for friends to challenge each other, and SongPop 2 perfectly captures this in mobile form. The game has you race against the clock and your opponent as you pick the right artist or title for the short musical clip you're presented. There are numerous genres to choose from, and you can challenge friends or compete against random players.

SongPop 2 has over 100,000 music clips from artists like Falsetto, Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, Tupac, and much more, so it's sure to hook you in and keep you busy battling rival players as you dominate in the scoreboards.

Though an option exists to remove ads by becoming a premium member for $4.99 per month, ads only appear occasionally in between rounds, and are far from irritating. Overall, SongPop 2 is a great trivia game, and it's one we highly recommend for music lovers.

4. Jeopardy! World Tour

Optimized for the on-the-go nature of mobile gaming, Jeopardy! World Tour pits you against two other players in a ultimate quest for trivia domination. The game closely mimics the TV show, and it comes with a large variety of trivia categories that randomly generate with differing points.

Each category yields multiple choice questions that you have to answer within a set amount of time. Fortunately, World Tour comes with perks, like striking off wrong answers and extra time, to help you stay afloat and increase your chances of beating your rivals.

Though in-app purchases are available, namely for gold bars that can help you get better perks, the game is extremely enjoyable even without them. Ads are hardly noticeable, though they appear occasionally between games. World Tour is by far the best iteration of Jeopardy that's available on both Android and iOS, so it's a must download for any fan of the show.

5. Knowledge Trainer

Knowledge Trainer is sure to strain your brain with its challenging questions from a diverse range of topics. There are 20 lessons to start with, each consisting of 10 questions from 10 separate categories. Giving the right answer increases the difficulty for the next question, but it goes back down every time you get one wrong.

Besides playing in international mode, Knowledge Trainer also lets you choose between region-specific gameplay modes, such as British, Australian, and American, which come with their own set of questions tailored to each country.

The game even has regional rankings to let you see where you stand locally or abroad, depending on which mode you play. Ads are largely out of the way and easily closed, only appearing in between lessons. If you're interested in giving your brain a serious workout, Knowledge Trainer is definitely worth a try.

6. Quizoid

Quizoid is a no-frills single player trivia game that does away with social elements that are all too common with mobile games, like sharing on Twitter or Facebook. Instead, the game simply tests your knowledge on a slew of topics that range from sports, to history, pop culture, and many more.

The game will put you through a gauntlet of questions, which will end as soon as you give a wrong answer. But to make things more reasonable, you'll get three lifelines for those times when you need a bailout.

Going the distance earns you more points that you can post to the in-game leader board for all to see. With more than 7,000 questions in at least 17 categories, the game is sure to keep you busy. Ads are far from a nuisance, so if you're looking for a simple, straightforward, and challenging trivia game, then you should definitely check out Quizoid.

7. Where Is That? Geography Quiz

Thanks to the internet, the world is more intertwined than it was at any other point in history. But this means that it's more important than ever to know your geography, so if you want to learn more about different regions of the world, Where is That? Geography Quiz is a great trivia app that makes it enjoyable.

The game has you answer where a particular country, city, or landmark is located by putting a pin in the location on a map. A right answer rewards you with points, and there are ten rounds to a game, which can vary from the more obvious find-the-country variety to locations of football stadiums across the US.

There's even a nifty multiplayer mode that can support up to 8 players on one device, where you and your opponents pass it around to see who gets the most points. To top that off, this game has the least ads of all entries in this list, as they only appear at the end of each round.

  • Install Where is That? Geography Quiz: Android | iOS

8. 80's Quiz Game

The 1980s marked the beginning of pop music as we now know it and brought us iconic movies like Wall Street and Scarface. Really, there are many things to love about this special decade, so trivia gamers with a soft spot for this bygone age are sure to enjoy 80's Quiz Game.

As the name implies, this game consists mostly of pop culture trivia questions associated with this awesome era. But 80's Quiz Game also has a word game element to it — you have to fill in the blanks with letters, as opposed to multiple choice or true or false questions. There are extra letters provided to throw you off and keep you challenged, so be sure to look out for those when filling in an answer.

Thankfully, you're rewarded with coins for every right answer you give, which you can use for hints to either fill in the word letter by letter, get rid of extra letters, or solve the puzzle completely. Ads are few and far between, so overall, it's a totally tubular test of knowledge.

9. True or False

True or False is a great trivia game that has you answer questions from various categories like tech, food, and flora and fauna, to name a few. The game pits you against other players while racing against the clock as you figure out the right answer.

There are five rounds in a game, with the first four containing three multiple choice questions, and the fifth and final round consisting of six true or false questions. Naturally, the player who gets the most correct answers wins the game.

Players take turns answering questions, which means you have to wait for your opponent to finish. As such, we recommended giving the game notification access when prompted so that you'll know when it's your turn to play. Ads are easily closed, though you have the option to get rid of them for $2.99. If you want a challenging multiplayer trivia game that moves at a more relaxing pace, then True or False is a great option.

And that's the end of our list! Are there any great trivia games for both Android and iPhone that didn't make the cut? As always, share your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section down below.

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Hi There,

I see that your list is awesome, however, seems incomplete. have you thought of compelling it to 10 best trivia games? Here's a game I developed "Words To Emojis" a classic brain teaser available on Android, iOS, and Facebook.

Would appreciate your response :)

I also recommend matchupicture, which I found recently. So far there is only a version for ios.
The game consists in discovering a part of a picture and trying to guess a secret phrase.

This is a great list! My admiration for the work you've done. I'm playing lots of quiz games as they both help me to relax and still learn new things in my free time. Since a month I play this Travel quiz game. It has the best thing for a quiz game - unique questions. It may be because I'm a travel addict but I find the game very interesting.

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