How To: 10 Free Must-Play Shooting Games for iPhone & Android

10 Free Must-Play Shooting Games for iPhone & Android

There's something extremely satisfying about hunting down your online adversaries and knocking them out with a well-placed shot, which probably explains why shooting games are still one some of the most popular time killers for iOS and Android.

Shooting games for mobile come in many different flavors, from old school top-down shooters that hearken back to the golden age of arcade gaming, to highly competitive multiplayer FPS shooters that pit players against each other for dominance. But there are thousands of titles in this genre, so to help the cream rise to the top, we compiled a list of ten great shooting games you may have never heard of.

While all the games in this list are free to install, they all also come with in-app purchases that can give you that extra edge against your foes on the battlefield. That said, we made sure to only pick games where in-app purchases are not required to enhance in-game experience, and all the multiplayer games listed had team-balancing features to ensure fair and even gameplay. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best free shooting games for both iOS and Android.

#1. Guns of Boom

If you need to take a break from all that battle royale action you've immersed yourself in, Guns of Boom is worth checking out. Unlike games like PUBG which feature massive maps that spread players far and wide, Guns of Boom is set in smaller maps with relatively straightforward layouts to guarantee intense action.

The game also lets you unlock and purchase cooler weaponry, custom skins, and gear as you gain battlefield experience and level up. These can range from guns that deal extra damage like incendiary rounds that set your targets on fire to armor that gives you an extra layer of protection from the hail of gunfire you're certain to run into.

Guns of Boom features great graphics and controls that are incredibly easy to master, which you can customize to further suit your gaming style. In all, Guns of Boom makes a worthy addition to your library of shooting games, so give it a try right now.

#2. World War Heroes: FPS Shooter

With so many generic shooting games based on the second world war on both Google Play and the App Store, it's very easy to overlook World War Heroes: FPS Shooter. This game is one of the better WWII FPS shooters currently out, and features stunning visuals along with excellent controls that you can customize for maximum efficiency in the battlefield.

The game pits you against players from across the world and lets you freely choose between Allied and Axis forces, all while providing you with upgradeable weaponry that's accurate to the era. Of course, more firearms such as the M1 Carbine, Kar 98, and MG42 become available for purchase via in-game currency as you rise up in ranks.

World War Heroes is pretty light on advertisements, which appear as full screen ads occasionally after a battle to minimize distractions. Beyond that, you can also opt to watch them voluntarily to earn rewards.

3. Critical Ops

If you're a Counter-Strike junkie, then you'll feel right at home with Critical Ops. It's a multiplayer FPS in its purest form, and it does away with elements that often ruin the experience of online combat.

There are no pay-to-play schemes here, so big spenders and experienced players don't have a distinct advantage over free and new users. The game even omits the typical reward-based system of earning cash to purchase higher-grade weaponry.

Critical Ops pits counter-terrorist units against terrorist cells in two scenarios: Team deathmatch and bombing/defusing. Once you've picked a side and a match type, simply choose from an assortment of firearms and proceed to play.

Though graphics and weapon selection aren't as great as other FPS games out there, you'll quickly disregard these shortcomings and appreciate the simplicity of the game once you're deep in online combat.

4. World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is one of those games that evokes feelings of sheer terror, though it's followed by the exhilaration that comes with facing down and ultimately defeating a Soviet IS-3, all while armed with an inferior medium tank like the German Panther.

This game arguably requires the most skill in this list, as you have to take numerous things into account when battling. You'll need to attack from the right angle to penetrate armor, maneuver to get behind the enemy, and most importantly, coordinate with your team.

There's no shortage of tanks to choose from in World of Tanks Blitz, but you can only pick one at a time, so make sure it fits your style of fighting.

Tank destroyers are great if you love to snipe, light and medium tanks fit well with scoot-and-shoot gamers, and heavy tanks are perfect for defensive players. Experience and credits earned in combat give you the ability to upgrade and purchase more powerful tanks to field in battle.

5. Bad2Bad: Exctinction

Bad2Bad: Extinction is one of the best top-down shooting games currently out, featuring a simple but imaginative premise and gameplay. In it, you'll command a squad of elite animals to combat not only a growing insurgency, but also a spreading infection that's turning critters in the animal world into mindless zombies which turn even deadlier at nightfall.

Thanks to randomly-generated maps, combat zone deployments are never the same. The game features various side-missions beyond the primary objective of finding the cause of the infestation, such as hacking targets, rescuing survivors, demolishing buildings, and more. Accomplishing these missions rewards you with gear, weapons, and currency to grow your squad and make them more powerful.

The game's customization feature is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Bad2Bad: Extinction. It gives you a huge arsenal of guns based on real-life weaponry that you can craft, loot, or buy. Not only that, but you can also fully customize them with real-world accessories like scopes, holosights, and lasers to increase your squad's effectiveness. You can also level your squad up and equip them with tactical vests and exo-suits for maximum protection.

Bad2Bad: Extinction does feature ads, but they can be viewed purely on a voluntary basis, and are a great way of earning currency to spend on personnel and equipment. These commercials also provide you with an extra life should you die out in the battlefield..

6. Archero

Archero is a shooting game that blends dungeon crawling and role-playing elements for a truly addicting gameplay experience that will challenge you every step of the way. In it, you'll take on the role of a lone archer with the unenviable task of slaying monsters of all shapes and sizes through worlds made up of 50 levels — with only a single attempt allowed per world.

To help prevent you from pulling your hair out, Archero features a pretty snappy system of leveling up while campaigning, which gives you the ability to obtain a vast array of perks like protective shields, arrows imbued with poison for constant damage, and elemental orbs that hurt monsters that invade your space. You can also collect loot like better armor and weapons that can be upgraded to make you more powerful the next time around.

Archero gives you a set amount of attempts to play throughout the day, and these recharge over time. If you run out of chances, you can opt to watch ads to instantly gain one attempt. You only have five chances to view commercials in a 24-hour period, however, so use them wisely.

7. War Robots

Pixonic's War Robots offers thrilling mech-on-mech combat. This great time-killer straps you onto a giant robot and pits you against other players in squad-based combat with a straightforward objective: Either hold more ground or eliminate the opposing force.

War Robots lets you customize your robots with weaponry that ranges from rockets and missiles to full-on plasma rifles. You can mix and match your arsenal to better suit you playing style, and this element of finding the perfect combination to dominate enemy mechs significantly adds to the fun in playing.

Like most other multiplayer games, gold and silver earned through combat can be cashed in for even more powerful robots and weaponry. The loot also helps you upgrade the robots you already possess, so no in-app purchases are required.

8. Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War is ideal for the more casual gamer that's constantly on the go. The top-down shooting game will have you pilot a spaceship and endlessly shoot your way through a gauntlet of enemies, making it feel like an old school arcade game right in the palm of your hands.

As is found on many shooting games, perks and other bonuses can also be won through in-game progression, and can be used to unlock or buy more powerful spacecraft and weaponry. The game also lets you upgrade the collection you've amassed to maximize your chances of surviving while dealing massive damage to your enemies.

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War is pretty light on ads. They primarily show up as full screen commercials once every few stages. You can also view ads as an option each time you finish a level to get twice the prize you'd normally receive, or watch them from the game's main page to earn rewards that you can use in future missions.

9. Tacticool

If you've grown a little tired of the same old first-person shooting game, Tacticool is one game you should definitely check out. The multiplayer game features an angled, top-down view that gives you a much wider field of vision for a clearer view of the battlefield.

Staying aware is the key to success in Tacticool, as you'll need to look out for not only enemy players, but also environmental elements like speeding trains, tank rounds, and debris from explosions that will instantly knock you out. Fortunately, the game's awesome graphics and intuitive controls help spotting threats, so you can react accordingly.

Beyond its intense, fast-paced gameplay, Tacticool also features a wide assortment of weaponry and equipment that you can unlock and purchase as you battle, level up, and rise in rank. And besides the usual selection of assault rifles and shotguns, you can also get your hands on explosives and various skins which give you special perks like faster reloading, greater health, and so on.

10. Mr. Bullet

Okay, Mr. Bullet may not be the sexiest shooting game on this list, but this fun little game is sure to tickle your brain as you figure out ways to eliminate bad guys from impossible angles in as few shots as possible. As if gunning down your opponents weren't enough, you can also shoot at elements like explosives and steel beams for maximum carnage.

Beyond the standard stages that become more challenging as you progress, Mr. Bullet also features numerous game modes such as one-on-one duels with other players, grenade tossing, friendly fire where your own bullets can harm you, and more. As a free game, Mr. Bullet features ads that consist of banners that appear in the bottom, and full screen commercials that play every three or so levels.

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