How To: Top 5 New Shooter Games for iPhone & Android in 2019

Top 5 New Shooter Games for iPhone & Android in 2019

When it comes to shooting games, battle royale titles like PUBG and Fortnite have come to dominate the scene, leaving other sub-genres like top-down and third-person shooters living in the shadows. They're far from irrelevant, though, as evidenced by all the great games released just in 2019 alone.

In fact, with so many shooting games touching down on both Google Play and the App Store, finding the best ones can be a downright chore that you probably just don't have time for. So to help you out with that, we took on all the hard work to find the five best shooting games to come out for both Android and iPhone in 2019.

1. Bad2Bad: Extinction

Bad2Bad: Extinction is an intense top-down shooting game that has you lead a squad of cuddly combat critters to do battle against zombified creatures and insurgents across multiple campaigns. This simple premise belies the game's challenging nature, as the zones consist of randomly generated maps that are packed to the brim with terrorists and monsters that get stronger at nighttime.

Deploying into the same war zone is never identical, and besides your main objective of eradicating the infestation and finding out its cause, there are plenty of other side-missions like rescuing survivors and blowing up buildings. These side quests are vital, as you'll need the proceeds earned from the missions to recruit new members to your team and supply them with the hardware needed to win.

Customization is where Bad2Bad: Extinction really shines. It provides you not only a huge array of guns to collect, purchase, or craft, but also accessories like lasers and red-dot sights to make your operators even more deadly in the battlefield. If those weren't enough, you can also level your squad up and equip them with tactical vests and exo-suits for maximum effectiveness.

Ads are largely a non-issue in Bad2Bad: Extinction, and are purely optional to view. Doing so earns you currency you can spend in-game, or gives you another chance to accomplish your mission if your team gets killed in action.

2. Archero

Archero brilliantly combines elements from shooting and role-playing games to bring you a highly addictive dungeon crawler that will have you rain arrows on legions of monsters in an epic battle for survival. Gameplay is intense and challenging, with stages that consist of 50 monster-infested levels that you need to clear in one try before you can proceed to the next world.

Fortunately, you can regularly level up your hero while battling. The game allows you to unlock perks like shields, poison-laced arrows that deal constant damage, fireballs that wreak havoc on monsters that get too close, and much more. If that weren't enough, there's tons of loot like armor and weapons to collect, which you can keep and upgrade even after death to make your next try a little easier.

Archero initially gives you four lives to play the game, which are compromised of twenty points with a cost of five points to play. While this limits gameplay substantially (as it takes twelve minutes to recharge one point), you have the option to view ads to instantly gain five points. Just be sure to use them wisely — you only have five chances to watch commercials every 24 hours.

3. Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

If you're after an offline shooting game with great gameplay and a storyline to boot, then Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is right up your alley. The top-down shooting game has all the right elements to keep you coming back, from action-packed levels plagued with zombies of all shapes and sizes, to awesome retro graphics and intuitive controls that will have you slaying monsters with cruel efficiency.

Beyond playing through the game's levels in the quest to find your wife and child, you'll also need to manage your refuge which houses the survivors you rescue along the way. As such, you'll need to scrounge up and craft valuable resources like food, water, and building material to maintain and upgrade your base to keep your survivors fed and safe.

Luckily, there's plenty of loot to go around, and besides items you collect while out on campaign, you can also perform side missions and send out survivors on scavenging runs to ensure you're never short on supplies. To further round out Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, you can also upgrade your player's stats, along with your weapons and armor, to help you better cope with the post-apocalyptic landscape.

4. Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War

If you're more of a casual gamer who gets a kick out of blowing up hundreds of spaceships without breaking a sweat, then Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War is a game you should check out. The top-down shooting game gives you a taste of the good old days of arcade gaming, but with console-quality graphics and swipe-based controls that anyone can master.

As is common in shooting games, Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War comes with a ton of bonuses that you can unlock or purchase as you progress to make you even more potent, even as things get more challenging. These can range from more powerful spaceships and accompanying drones to advanced weaponry and shields that keep potential disaster at bay.

Ads are pretty sparse in Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War, and in addition to full screen commercials that occasionally play, you can also opt to view them as an option whenever you finish a level to earn twice the currency you'd normally get. Beyond those, you can also check out ads from the game's main page to receiving bonus items to aid you in future missions.

5. Tacticool

Tacticool is a refreshing break from first-person multiplayer shooting games. It gives you a bird's eye view of all the action for an exciting gaming experience. Gameplay is incredibly straightforward and fast-paced, and primarily entails going against other players from around the world in team-based death matches where the first group to reach 100 points wins.

Thanks to the game's angled, top-down camera view and top-notch graphics, it's much easier to stay aware of your surroundings and keep a lookout for threats. Doing so is all-important — besides bullets and grenades, speeding vehicles and explosive debris can also instantly knock you out.

Of course, Tacticool also comes with tons of goodies that you can unlock as you progress. These include a vast assortment of firearms, explosives, and skins that you can upgrade for greater effectiveness in the battlefield. Best of all, ads are completely optional in the game, meaning you can voluntarily watch for bonus currency after matches, in addition to earning bonus items.

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