How To: Trivia Crack Cheats Your Friends Are Probably Using Against You

Trivia Crack Cheats Your Friends Are Probably Using Against You

When my girlfriend told be about a Trivia Crack cheat she discovered, I was a little dubious. Then, after witnessing her trick in action and trying it out myself, my faith in the popular trivia game was forever tainted.

A lot is on the line when you play a game of Trivia Crack, most importantly, bragging rights. Though she claimed to have never used the hack against me, I was skeptical, and did a little research to see what other types of cheats people were using against me using the Android or iOS app.

If you've noticed your friends beating you at Trivia Crack more than usual, they might be taking advantage of one of these tricks. At least now you'll now be able to get back at them or call them out on their deception.

Method 1: Use Airplane Mode (Android & iOS)

After answering a question incorrectly (and seeing the correct answer), before selecting "Continue," enable Airplane Mode on your device. When you now tap "Continue" after enabling Airplane Mode, a window will pop up saying, "There is a problem with your internet connection. Please try again."

Close the app when you get this notification, then reopen it. When you select the same challenger and spin, you'll get the same category, same question, but this time you'll know the correct answer.

Method 2: Just Close the App (Android)

While similar to the first method and offering the same benefits, my girlfriend's way is much simpler, but it only works for Android. (The updated iOS app recently patched this trick.)

After answering a question incorrectly (and seeing the correct answer), before selecting "Continue," open up your device's recently used apps screen to force-close Trivia Crack. Open the game once more and it will be as if you never answered the question. Spin again and you will receive the same category and the same question.

This method will probably be patched soon on Android.

Method 3: Get Additional Help from Siri (iOS)

This is a method available for iOS users that, if done correctly, can get you the right answer before the time is up by simply asking.

As soon as the question is shown, immediately activate Siri with a press and hold of the Home button, read the question, get the answer, press the Home button again, then select the right answer.

This method requires some speed and doesn't work well with long questions or "which of the following..." multiple choice ones.

Cheating ruins the integrity of the game and can take the fun out of it, so use these at your own discretion.

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I'd like to know how my friends start a game but I'm the first one to play. Then I am limited to winning only three characters and when they play, they get all six and beat me. What's the trick?

Well... If you were SMART you wouldent have to cheat.

The Airplane mode cheat no longer works.

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