How To: Break the iPhone passcode without losing information

Break the iPhone passcode without losing information

This video shows you how to access your iPhone if you forgot your passcode (or if someone unknowingly set one for you). Most importantly, this method details how to do this safely without losing any valuable data. Breaking the passcode on the iPhone will return it to the same condition (only without a passcode).

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ifwe did it the apps will be erased

This video shows nothing. You may as well just restore the device as normal

i got a i phone and i went to have it activated, they told me it cant be activated because the last person who had the phone didnt pay there bill. so verizon put a lock on the phone. how do i break that lock, so i can use the phone?

Actually,I am not really interested how to break an iPhone passcode.I just checked these guidelines if its really easy to break the passcode coz my iPhone had been stolen to me yesterday and I wonder if the stealer will be able to break my iPhone passcode..:(

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